The To-Do List

by | Jan 18, 2019

If you’re anything like me, and I think a lot of moms are, your to-do list is long enough to touch the floor before your coffee is even poured in the morning. It’s an impossible amount to do in an impossibly short period of time and it’s overwhelming. I wrote out some of my ongoing list to remind myself of all that I do…  and I don’t know if that helped, but I’m sure most moms can relate so I decided to share.

My to do list:

1. Feed the family.

Feed them three meals every day.

Only feed them organic, balanced, healthy meals, homemade, from scratch.

Plus snacks.

Plus water. Make sure they drink all the water.

No juice, no soda, no high fructose corn syrup.

2. Go grocery shopping to keep the house stocked with healthy ingredients.

Only healthy ingredients. To make meals and snacks from. But don’t spend any money. Be as frugal as humanly possible. Buy the cheapest yet most healthy ingredients. And don’t buy premade snacks because they aren’t as healthy. But have snacks available for when the family wants them. Healthy, cheap snacks, made from scratch. And keep making them, so we don’t run out.

3. Pay the bills.

Pay them on time.

Balance the income so that the bills are paid on time AND there is enough money at each point of the month to pay them. And to buy food. Very healthy, very cheap food. And for other activities and necessities. But don’t spend any money.

Pay the bills, but don’t spend any money.

Organize all of the payments and balance all of the accounts so that you always know what’s going in and coming out and how much is in each account. And buy the necessities, without spending any money.

4. Clean the house.

Keep it clean.

Keep the dishes cleaned and put away. Keep the refrigerator stocked with healthy foods AND cleaned out of old foods. Keep track of what’s in there. And keep track of the Tupperware. Why do we have so many lids?! When do we ever use Tupperware without the lids?? Have enough Tupperware for everyone’s lunches and leftovers, but don’t ever buy more, because it costs money, and pollutes the environment. Be environmentally conscious. But don’t buy the glass Tupperware, because it’s expensive. Buy the cheap stuff, so it doesn’t matter if you lose it, just don’t ever lose it, because that’s bad for the environment, and it costs money.

5. Do the laundry.

Keep all the laundry cleaned and put away.

Every drawer and closet should be tidy and organized so you can find everything you need. But don’t spend too much time folding. Folding takes forever and there’s too much to do. Also refold and re-put away all the clothes that the family tries on and then throws on the floor because they decided not to wear it. Also pick up all the dirty clothes they throw on the floor. And wash them and put them away before someone needs them again, and remember where every single article of clothing is, so you can recite back its location, should anyone ask. Make sure all the clothes stay in good shape and repair any holes or tears immediately – so that you don’t have to replace the clothes yet, because clothes cost money. Don’t spend the money.

6. Keep the house dusted. Dust is bad to breathe. Keep the family’s lungs healthy. For some reason there is always dust, even right after you dust, so just dust all day long, but don’t take too much time. There are other things to do!

7. Clean the toilets. Over and over. Because boys. Clean the toilets every day.

Wash the floors, and the baseboards. Because dust. Clean the floor around the toilet. Boys again. Clean the showers. Because boys get clean but showers get dirty. Clean the light switches and the faucet handles. Because boys have dirty fingers. Then dust again.

8. Did you pay the bills today?

Check the mail, for the bills.

File the things that came in the mail. Pay the bills. Without money. Don’t take too much time.

9. Keep everyone’s calendar straight.

Remember every event, every deadline, every single thing that’s going on in all of their lives. And remember to remind them of all the things. Remember to remind them to take their lunch from the fridge, in the Tupperware you found and cleaned with the meal that you made from healthy scratch. Then remind them to take their lunch again, because they already forgot, but you can’t forget! And remind them about their meeting today. Then text them before the meeting to remind them again. And reply to all the emails about the important meeting. And all the other emails. Remember to schedule the doctor’s appointments and dental cleanings and sports tryouts, vehicle maintenance and home repairs. Then remember when they are scheduled for and make sure you’re on time.

10. Go to work.

Make money. For the bills and the food. And the necessities and activities and pets.

11. Oh, take care of the pets. Schedule vet visits, and grooming appointments and have Dr. Google on standby just in case Fluffy doesn’t feel well. But don’t miss work. Because you need the money. Make sure all the things fit in your schedule, around working. Because work is important, but not as important as most of the other things. But don’t miss work, because money, and don’t miss the other things, because family. They need you. They all need you.

12. Raise the babies.

Conceive them, grow them, birth them, raise them, repeat. Until you have 2.5 of them. Research parenting styles. Stay up to date. Keep them alive. Follow all of the recommendations set forth by all the controversial experts and never make the wrong decisions about discipline or education or medicine or Santa Clause.

Keep them fed – healthy scratch food. Keep them healthy – doctors appointments, and dusting. Keep them active – sports. Raise them to be independent and successful and decent and kind and loving and perfect. Don’t screw them up. Teach them everything. But make sure they don’t learn the bad things. They learn from you. So never have bad habits and never say the wrong things. Always do the very best you can. While working and cooking and cleaning and paying and organizing and rocking the baby and listening to the husband and reminding him to take his lunch and scheduling and cleaning pee off the floors……..

13. Sleep. Have good sleeping habits. Sleep is important. Make sure you aren’t too stressed to sleep well. But don’t sleep too long. There are things to do.

14. Make time for yourself and practice good self care. Experts say you can’t pour from an empty cup. So somehow find the time to make time for yourself. But don’t neglect the family. Make time for them too. Time to listen, time to teach, time to adore and time to play. Quality time. Lots of time. Time goes by so quickly, so spend all the time with them. And do all the other things. Don’t forget anything. And don’t be stressed out. The family suffers when you’re stressed out. And remember to pray. Make time for God. And make time for that show the husband wants to watch with you. And make time to have your hair done so you look nice for him. Lots of time for the husband, actually, he needs lots of time. And time to exercise so you stay healthy enough to keep up this pace FOREVER. 365 days a year, for the rest of your life. No end in sight.

Sound familiar? I am BUSY! Busyness is a mom’s business. And there’s no cure, but the rewards are endless. Providing for my family is the joy of my life, and the most stressful, all encompassing job I could ever imagine doing. And for some crazy reason, I really love it. The insane thing is that I could add about a million more things to this list, and I’m sure that you could too! Yet it’s so easy to feel like we aren’t doing enough! Isn’t that exhausting?!

In reality, if the kids are clothed and loved and fed, the house isn’t burning down, the husband gets your attention when he needs it, and you have an ounce of sanity at the end of the day, I think you’re probably doing just fine, mama.

So bust out that list, make it your b****, pour another cup of coffee (or wine) and remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH, and you can do this!

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